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7 Ways To Help Prepare Your Home For Freezing Temperatures

By now you’ve heard the rumor, freezing temperatures are headed this way. If your not quite sure what you need to do to prepare your home, review this handy list to help you be more prepared.

#1 Protect your pipes

Make sure to disconnect and drain garden hoses. Check for any exposed piping on the exterior of the home and wrap them with insulation.  Local hardware stores carry standard faucet covers and are easy to install.

Turn off your irrigation/sprinkler system. I can not stress this enough.  If you are unsure how to do this, you can call a professional plumber or search YouTube.  YouTube is a great source for How-Tos.

#2 Turn on the Heat

Check your heater to make sure it’s working. Even if you are not using a certain section of the home, keep the heating system on to warm the entire house. Open cabinet doors to allow the warm air to circulate under the sinks.  Your pipes need the heat to prevent freezing.

#3 Run the water inside

This will relieve the water pressure. Drip water faucets in the kitchen and bath. It’s a good idea to know where your main cut-off valve is so you can take action quickly if needed.

#4 Protect your Plants

Bring potted plants indoors and cover in-ground plants that are prone to frost damage. You can find special “plant protector bags” and covers at local nurseries or hardware stores. Make sure to remove coverings when temperatures warm above freezing.

#5 Prune trees around the house and fence

Freezing conditions can cause long tree branches to freeze.  Branches that are broken from heavy ice can cause damage to your home or fence.  Pruning before can save you money in damages later.

#6 Protect your pool

If you have a pool, check with your local pool hardware store or contact your installer for proper preparation.  Freezing conditions can cause damage to your pool equipment and plumbing.

#7 Stock up

Avoid going out during a freeze.  Make sure to stock up on your basic supplies beforehand and avoid the mess.

Stay warm folks!


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