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An Interview with Nancy Cartie, Author of “A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly”

Nancy became a butterfly enthusiast from the moment a special butterfly named Annie graced the garden in her life. Annie went everywhere with her for two weeks. She loves to share her fascinating butterfly story and habitat with students, friends, and family. She is passionate about protecting, nurturing, and releasing the monarch butterflies.

Nancy is a School Nurse at Donald Leonetti Elementary here in Sienna. She loves to promote health and wellness, provide loving care, and build heartfelt relationships. In her free time, she cherishes time with family. I love being a Nana to my four grandchildren. Nancy also enjoys volunteering, reading, growing her butterfly garden, and spending time outdoors, enjoying the beauty and majesty of nature.

When did you realize you wanted to write a children’s book?

The story of Annie the Butterfly was placed in my heart about three years ago and has been patiently waiting to be shared!

What were some of your inspirations?

Family and friends who witnessed my two-week friendship with Annie encouraged and inspired me to share this incredible story. This book is written in loving memory of my amazing mom, Annie, whose love and beauty graced the garden in my life. She always inspired me to follow my heart.

Tell us about your book, A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly

A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly is inspired by true-life events. It is a beautiful blend of fiction and nonfiction. The story is written through the eyes of Annie. It is a heartwarming story of transformation, love, courage, confidence, and discovery of one’s timely potential. The theme -a time for everything- encourages us to trust the process of self-discovery. The story has been brought to life through amazing illustrations by my dear friend and Donald Leonetti Elementary Art Teacher, Joy Chandler. A scrapbook of real-life pictures were included to show the true-life events. As a bonus, pictures with a short description of the transformation process from egg to butterfly is also included in the book. It is an inspirational story that encourages and educates!

Is there a message in your book that you hope readers will grasp?

The theme – a time for everything- is the message emphasized throughout the book. Annie’s friends flew off right away, but Annie wasn’t ready. With love and encouragement, Annie grew more confident, and at just the right time, she knew she was ready….It was her time to fly!

What age group is your book geared towards?

A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly is a children’s book enjoyed by all ages, but the target age group is 3-10 years old.

Do you plan to write more books?

Yes! I plan to create a book series called “A Time for Everything” through the eyes of Annie. The goal of the series will be to inspire and educate.

Where can readers find your book?

A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly is sold on Amazon and will be available for purchase at book signing events.

Do you have any book signing events coming up?

Yes!  Book signing at Bean Here Coffee in Sienna located at 4340 Sienna Pkwy in Missouri City, Texas, on November 2nd from 9 am – 12 pm.  A Time to Fly: The Story of Annie the Butterfly will also be available to purchase.

Follow Nancy on Instagram @monarch.moments and on Facebook Monarch Moments.



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