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Babysitting made easy with Bambino Sitters!

So the spouse calls and wants to take you out, without hesitation, you immediately say YES! 

You hang up the phone and start sending out a bunch of text to every sitter in your contact list.  Thinking someone has to respond soon, right? 

You proceed to check your phone every 5 minutes, finally, the phone starts going off but its a no from all of them.

Annoyed you call the spouse – “Hey honey, its a no go on date night because I wasn’t able to find a babysitter.”

Does this sound familiar?

Let me introduce you to Bambino.  Bambino has modernized the way parents find, book and pay friend-recommended, community-tested babysitters right in their own neighborhood.

Bambino is a community for parents and babysitters to connect. A place where they can find each other through common connections and chat. Where parents can review sitters once they’ve sat for them, and where sitters can see their connection to parents before they sit for them.

In the Bambino app, you will discover new local sitters and read what other parents around you have written about them. (Things like  “She arrived on time and my kids enjoyed having her as a sitter and can’t wait to have her babysit again”, “My kids absolutely loved her”, and “He cleaned up the kitchen! Hooray!”)

Also in the app, you can connect with your friends and neighbors and see what sitters they have used and how they rated them.  No need to text your friends and ask them for a referral.

Each time you need to request a sitter, send a request to as many as you’d like, if none are available you can simply add more sitters to the request. Need multiple days you can schedule recurring sits all at once. The sitters will start to respond by accepting or declining, then all you have to do is pick which sitter is best for the job and confirm, you can then start chatting with the confirmed sitter with any details.  At the end of the sit, you can adjust the hours if needed and pay all right in the app – goodby ATM stops. 

Bambino just took parenting to new heights.

See? Babysitting made easy! That’s Bambino.

Parents are loving the app, here are some reviews from local moms:

“Bambino has seriously been a lifesaver for us since we moved to Sienna. We used to live 10 minutes away from my mom and she could pop over whenever and we had a few sitters who lived in the area who we used every now and then. Once we moved out here we were at a total loss and during a particularly busy/ social time I had to figure out how to find a sitter often. I decided to give it a try as I saw a couple of people I knew had used Bambino. We have loved all of the sitters that we have used and have requested a couple back more than once through the app. The kids have also loved all of their sitters and often ask to have them back. I love love love booking through the app because I don’t have to worry about cash or the awkwardness of waiting for a text or call back from a babysitter it is so easy and quick and so convenient!!! We couldn’t be more pleased knowing that when we need a sitter we can almost always find one through Bambino.”

“Bambino has been an absolute GAME CHANGER for our family. It’s like Uber for babysitters! I love how convenient the app is to use – you can even pay sitters through the app… no more hurriedly stopping at the ATM on the way home from date night! Bambino allows you to see sitters’ rates, reviews, and experience level – which is fantastic. You can even message your sitter through the app – it’s fabulous and I tell all of my friends that it is a must-have!”

The Bambino app available in the App Store and Google Play.

Read about why Bambino started here.

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