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wake up

Kids, wake up!

KIDS, wake up!


Does this sound like your house each and every morning during the school year?

Morning routine in our house goes something like this:

Try to wake the kids up, repeat the process of waking the kids up, make breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, brush hair, pack backpacks, and then off to school we go.

By the way, we get to do this 174 times during the school year!

This year, mornings are going to run like a well-oiled machine in our house (I do say this every year, but I MEAN it this time!)

Back to school prep not only includes going shopping for supplies and clothes, but also brainstorming on how to make things run smoother in our house.

My motivation comes from scrolling through Pinterest and pinning to my Back to School board.

I start organizing our school lunch cart, planning school lunch ideas, and getting the kids homework area ready. I then feel ready to conquer the school year.

But Wait…

What about the morning routine?

Crap! How the heck am I going to conquer that, being one of the most important parts of the day?

Then a light bulb went off!

See, my daughter bought an Amazon Echo Dot over the summer to play music in her room. (No she isn’t over paid for chores, in fact, she isn’t paid at all.  She had birthday money).

After playing around with it, we learned some cool ways to use it:

  • Make calls from an Amazon Echo to another Echo
  • Send and Receive Messages
  • Provide Information (weather, homework help, general questions)
  • Read Audiobooks
  • Play music (this is great for calming bedtime music)

The BEST is that I can control her device from my phone using the Alexa App. (GENIUS)

…and that’s when the light bulb went off!  I can control her alarm. (Bwahahahahaha)

I played with it over the summer and found this magical formula:

  • 1st alarm set at 8:00am
  • 2nd alarm set at 8:05am
  • 3rd alarm set at 8:10 (and she got out of bed – it was a MIRACLE!!)

The alarm I use is a voice that starts off with “Yo! Wake Up! It’s time to start the day….”.  There are several to choose from.

She gets annoyed and usually yells at Echo by the 3rd alarm; I just laugh…..

Needless to say I am excited to use this feature during the school year.  The Amazon Echo reminds me of the intercom system we had in our house growing up; calling from one room to another.

This is just the modern day version with more features!

Amazon has several Echo Devices to choose from; Amazon Echo, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

We have an Amazon Echo in the kitchen, an Echo Dot in my daughters room and an Echo Dot in the master bedroom.


I hope this helps your morning routines!

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