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We’ve now rolled into the New Year – how many resolutions did you make and how many have you actually kept?

We all started with a clean slate and 365 days of possibilities to try something new. The new year brings with it the idea of change – changing up your routines, getting rid of the old, changing your outlook and maybe even changing up your beauty and wellness routines too.

You may feel pressured to make a resolution. Everyone’s talking about it. The common resolutions are to begin a fitness program, change your eating habits or start a new job. The focus is usually on a personal goal and if we don’t end up meeting it, we feel defeated.

According to an article in the Forbes Magazine, on an average, only 8% of people who make resolutions stick to them.

It’s never too late to make resolutions, but let’s focus on a few attainable goals or habits that will add a sense of pleasure or well-being to your life. Things that can be fun, like beauty maintenance or simple self-care practices. For us, it’s being good to our hair by getting regular trims, boosting confidence with a new lip color, learning to meditate while trying a new face masque or finally taking a leap and going pink!

Here are our top picks for 2019 resolutions that are simple and fun:

#1 Try a new hair color

Two things that our team of professionals at Milagro Salons love about Aveda color is that it can be formulated especially for you and that it’s 99% naturally derived.

Because “Creative Hair Design is Our Passion” the team stays up to date with current hair color palettes and fashion-forward hair trends. The new year is a great time to step into a new look!

#2 Treat your hair with extra care

Daily use of styling tools and winter months can leave your hair feeling drab. Schedule a little time for you, and get a fresh new trim. Just taking time to have your dead ends cut off can do wonders. You’ll be amazed what a little trim can do to help your hair look and feel healthy.

Our go-to product to give your hair some tender loving care in the new year is Aveda’s Dry Remedy Intensive Restructuring treatment. Use it once a week to help strengthen damaged hair with deep repair and to help reinforce the integrity of the hair from roots to end.

#3 A little time for you

The daily pressures of work, family, kids, and just overall life can leave us feeling a bit unbalanced. Indulging in a relaxing, warm bath can help take the edge off- Aveda offers an array of wonderful stress relieving products, bath salts, and essential oils and aromatherapy candles to create a soothing and calming experience.

#4 Glow-Getter

No doubt, we still felt the impact of Harvey throughout 2018. Stress has a way of making itself visible on our skin. One of our goals may be around restoring our glow in the new year. An easy non-invasive way to make that happen is Aveda’s Renew Morning Crème– it helps to brighten and smooth fine lines- it can be used each morning after cleansing.

In the evening, Tulasara’s Wedding Masque Overnight and Wedding Masque Eye work together to support your skin’s natural repair process. You’ll have that glowing-feeling back before you know it!

#5 H2-O goes a long way

Plain and simple – keeping your body well hydrated does the body good!

Keep body hydrated

#6 The Buddy System

It works! Having that BFF, teammate, work-buddy or spouse helps to keep us on track with our New Year’s resolutions. It can help to work towards reaching our goals a lot more fun!

Buddy system

So, remember to make time for the gym, movie night, dinner dates, and self-care to make 2019 the best year it can be!



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