Eunice Soto

If someone had told me years ago that one day I would own a hair salon- I would have thought NO WAY!

Our father was a Master Barber as his profession for almost 40 years, and having grown up around his place of business; “It was the last thing I ever thought I would do as a career choice.”

Both my brother, husband and myself started our careers in the oil industry.

When my brother was laid off in the early ’80s, our dad was very quick to remind us that “people will always need haircuts; you can’t get laid off from that!”

My brother took that to heart, and soon thereafter; enrolled in a local cosmetology school in the area where we grew up, Richmond Tx. So, long story short, he did well, loved the industry as much as our father did; and here we are almost 15 years later!

Milagro Salons is a family owned business. My brother and my husband are my business partners, and when the opportunity arose for us to carry on in our father’s footsteps it felt like the most natural thing to do!

We now have 20 employees and we love mentoring new students and experienced new team members into the best hair-professionals they can be. “We see the potential in each of them, even when they can’t see it in themselves.”

We pride ourselves in staying current with the latest hair trends, hair color and cutting techniques, and fashion-forward hairstyles.

Aside from being a salon owner; I enjoy traveling, am a huge dog lover, and look forward to quiet time on the beach with my husband when possible.

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