Jane Smith

Howdy! I’m the truest version of the statement, “I wasn’t born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could!” Only the state of Texas is big enough for this ball of energy!!!

I’m a proud Sienna resident that does two things extremely well: Teach and Sling Clean-Crafted Wine! I’ve been an educator for 13 years and LOVE seeing the minds of children grow and stretch. Reading and writing are also passions of mine. I love igniting that passion in children and helping build a connection between the two and seeing the light bulb switch on that they are mutually important.

Now on to the WINE! Because I teach, I drink.

With that said, I also struggle with an autoimmune disease that has made consumption nearly impossible without vicious results. Even the smallest amount was destructive. I found Scout & Cellar, a clean-crafted wine company, who “Scouts” out vineyards all over the world who follow strict guidelines when producing their wines and who fills our “Cellar” with such delicious libations. Sheer brilliance!

I love sharing life stories with others, spending time with friends, family, and my two pups, June Bug & Oliver Jenkins and getting to experience this beautiful journey with the most amazing man on earth. Life may suck some days, but with the good Lord’s help, good wine, and the gift of community with others, it always sucks a little less. My light is bright, and I love letting it shine!

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