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{DIY} Five Designs for Easter Egg Floral Picks

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Springtime is here, and Easter is right around the corner. The budding season brings about a sense of joy, new beginnings, and a whole new set of crafts to add to my collection. I recently went searching in the craft stores for some egg picks to put into my springtime floral arrangements. Unfortunately, the pre-made Easter egg picks that I found either did not match my color scheme or were obnoxiously covered in glitter.

Let the crafting mission begin!

Supplies needed:


    1. Paint skewers with green paint and set aside to dry. I left about 1 inch unpainted since it will eventually go into the egg. I suggest painting the pointy end so that it can easily be placed into floral foam.
    2. Punch hole in the bottom of the Easter egg with a heavy duty nail. The Easter eggs I purchased had a circle punch out already on the bottom of the egg. If the eggs that you purchase do not, mark the bottom of the egg with a pencil and lightly use a hammer if needed.

    3. Decorate your egg. Be creative! I used beige, pastel purple, and pastel pink lace ribbon mixed with buttons, washi tape, and sewing flowers to create different designs.
      Be careful when you are using hot glue while applying your lace. Sometimes the glue will seep through the lace.

Here are the five designs I created:

1: Layered Lace with a Bow

      • Pre-measure lace by wrapping it around the egg. Cut the ribbon about a ¼ inch longer than what you think you need.
      • Use the hot glue to attach lace to the egg.
      • Once all three layers are attached, take about 2-3 inches of ribbon and fold into an upside down “V” shape and attach with hot glue.
      • Glue the button on over the “V” fold that you made with the ribbon.

2: Washi Tape

      • Use Washi Tape that is at least a ¼ inch or smaller in width. Anything wider will likely bunch or fold because of the curve of the egg.
      • Simply wrap the tape over the egg in a random pattern.

3: Lace Cross

      • Make a cross by running the ribbon from the bottom of the egg, to the top, and back down to the bottom, attach with a hot glue gun.
      • Attach another section of ribbon horizontally across the first piece of attached ribbon to achieve a cross.

4: All-Over Lace

      • Simply attach the lace ribbon with hot glue in a random pattern across the egg using one continuous piece of ribbon.

5: Ribbon with Flowers

      • Take a piece of ribbon and attach at an angle across the egg with a hot glue gun.
      • Remove the green section of ribbon from the sewing flowers.
      • Attach the flowers to the center of the ribbon on the egg with a hot glue gun.

Once you are done decorating your Easter eggs, glue a skewer into the bottom of the egg. Place one dab of hot glue on top of the hole on the bottom of the egg and insert skewer about an inch. Let completely dry.

Lastly, add your Easter Egg Picks to your fresh or artificial floral arrangements!

Join your neighbors and get the scoop!

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