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{DIY} Printable Holiday Coupon Book

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Is your house exploding with a gazillion toys? Toys that your kids beg you for then never play with, or they never put them back up after playing! Have you tried organizing them until you’re blue in the face?

Mostly, I bet you are tired of spending money on these freakin’ toys; I know I am!

If you answered yes, then welcome to the club.

Now, I’m not saying I went all Grinch this year; I did buy them a couple of things on their list – mostly items they have asked for over the years consistently. BUT, I was NOT going to buy pointless items just so they had something to unwrap…nope! It wasn’t happening this year.

Let me get to the point! I know you came here for the FREE PRINTABLE.

I created a Holiday Coupon Book that is good for One Year, which makes a great stocking stuffer! It ends up that I am giving my kids 168 meaningful gifts! {Parenting Win}

Kids need practice making important life choices, and this booklet gives them many opportunities to do so. These coupon books give them the chance to choose when they feel it is an appropriate time to cash one in versus saving it for another time. The decision making is up to them! They will be able to make memories with fun activities, exciting outings, and special treats.

Remember memories last a lifetime while toys last a minute.

Let me explain how my kids are getting 168 gifts!

The books contain a variety of coupons from a dinner date with mom, trip to the park, family game night, and more. Each coupon can be redeemed once a month from January through December. A parent will sign, hole punch, stamp or any other means of designation when that coupon has been redeemed for the month. You can make notes on the back of each coupon, for ex: Had dinner with mom at (restaurant name) on (date). This way you can look back together at the end of the year to reflect upon the memories created.

This holiday coupon book includes 14 fun coupons your kids will love, which include:

  • Dinner date with dad
  • Dinner date with mom
  • One Icee
  • Trip to the park
  • Trip to the skating rink
  • No chore day
  • Staying up 10 minutes past bedtime
  • 30 minutes extra screen time
  • Game night of your choice
  • Movie night at home
  • Trip to the ice cream shop
  • Do something nice for your brother/sister
  • Trip to the library
  • Dinner choice
  • PLUS 3 blank coupons you can use to personalize

This easy project will take about 15minutes.  Let’s get started!

What You Need:


  1. Download and print the Holiday Coupon Booklet pdf HERE. (Colors will vary based on the printer)
  2. Cut out each coupon.  I used a paper trimmer but you can also use scissors, X-Acto Knife or Utility Knife with a ruler.  You will notice small lines in the corners, these are crop marks which will be your cutting guide.
  3.  Next, you will use the hole punch template – located on the last page.  Use this template to punch the holes on each coupon, this way everything will line up evenly. (Note:  I originally had hole punch marks on each coupon but the template works best to create even punches.)
  4. Then you will thread your ribbon through the holes.  I threaded from the front to the back, then crisscrossed the ribbon in the back and threaded the ribbon back through the holes to the front and tied in a bow.  Remember this booklet is to last a year, so make sure the ribbon you are using is sturdy enough to last with usage.
  5. Fill out the To, From, and the expiration date.  You can wrap the booklet or stuff it in their stocking!

Happy Holidays!







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