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Happy Friday!!

Hey Neighbors!  Just wanted to write a quick little Friday post.  I stopped by our Sienna Starbucks this morning, and I must say the customer service at this location rocks!  Happy Friday

I went thru the drive-thru and was greeted by a very happy gentlemen who took my order.  At the end of the order, he simply said “You’re a wonderful person!”  I proceeded to drive around to the window, and the young lady at the window was very joyous as well.

I know you’re asking, why is the post worthy?

Simple!  I wanted to spread the happiness.

Have you ever noticed how you feel after you are around someone who is unpleasant or you visit a business and received horrible customer service?  Not so good, right?

Imagine being around someone who is cheerful and positive, or walking into a business and being greeted as though you are the only one around; you might feel special.

And I can guarantee you that your day would be awesome!

So with it being the last day of school for our winter break, the holidays are upon us and a New Year is around the corner, so just remember – Stay Positive and enjoy the moments! (even while driving through the construction mess on Sienna Parkway, just breathe through it.  After all, we know it is annoying but is there anything that can be done about it? NO.  Is there ever a good time to do construction? NO.  Lets look at the positive – our roads are being fixed and your tires will thank you, if they could!)

Pass it on and make someone’s day great – YOU’RE A WONDERFUL PERSON!!

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