Clean It, Protect It and Shine It

Our vehicles are another extension of our homes, especially with kids.

I know for me I drive to work, pick up at school, carpool to gymnastics, go to karate, tutoring, errands and the list goes on.

Some days I eat my lunch while sitting in line waiting to pick the kids up from school.

Although, I said when I got my car “No one is eating or drinking in my car”  HA!

For the past month, I have made a plan to get my car cleaned!  Almost every day on my way from work, I remind myself to stop at the carwash.  Then I find myself half way down Sienna Parkway, having passed three places to get the car cleaned.  UGH!

Yesterday, the kids were out of school!  I told them, “Kids, today we are getting the car washed; don’t let me forget!”

FINALLY! I made it to the car wash!

We stopped at iShine Express Car Wash and Detail.  Have you been there yet?

The prices are pretty good, and you have the option of express car wash and express detailing.

We choose the Express #1 Protect and Shine for $14 which included: underbody wash, triple foam polish, wheel and tire cleaner, tire shine, soft touch wash, clearcoat protectant, rain guard, spot free rinse and power air dry.

You drive your own car through, which the kids love. Then you can pull around and vacuum and wipe it down.  As much as I don’t like chores (but who does), the kids and I had a great time working together to get the car cleaned out!  I would definitely go back again!

carwashThey have several packages to choose from:

  • Express #1 Protect and Shine $14
  • Express #2 Wheel and Shine $9
  • Express #3 Clean Wash $6
  • Express Detail Packages are $39.99

 They also have Unlimited VIP CLUB Packages ranging from $20-$45, Family Plan also available.

For more info on the packages they offer you can visit them online at www.ishinecarwash.com and at www.facebook.com/ishinecarwash.

ishineiSHINE NEWS:

Exciting changes coming soon at iShine, including new state of the art equipment. Stay tuned for updates!

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