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Make Camp Part of Your Child’s Summer

Parents, let’s face it. Our kids are growing up in a world much different than the ones we rode our Big Wheels in.

Back then, we roamed the neighborhood in search of an adventure. Left to our own devices, we would transform empty lots into playgrounds, create fantastic forts with blankets held fast by encyclopedias, and find endless utility out of something as simple as a stick.

The world is now lightyears away from what we knew then. Driven by an endless flow of information and technology, the bar to keep kids engaged is as high as it has ever been.

That is why camp is so important and has never been more essential than right now.

With a mindful purpose, camp can allow your child the opportunity to discover themselves, to interact with others, to feel inspired, or part of something great.

Camp has the power to teach interpersonal skills, allow for the opportunity to try new things, and grow in confidence.

As the owner of Kidventure Camp, we’ve been providing summer camp for 23 years in the Houston area and elsewhere. Camp for us has always been about the outcomes.

What we do is important, but why we do so should be what drives us. Growing happy and healthy kids is what we are all about.

Camp Sienna and Camp Riverstone

Kidventure’s Camp Sienna and Camp Riverstone provide kids entering first grade through age 12 with ten individual weeks of day camp beginning June 5.

Based on our summer theme, ‘Summer Blockbuster’, campers will live out hight-energy adventures usually reserved for the ‘Big Screen’. With the help of a supporting cast of caring and capable counselors and directors, kids will create friendships and meaningful opportunities. Each week is complete with sports, swimming, art science, field trips, and fun as big as you can dream it.


Kidventure Overnight: Take Your Adventure to the Next Level

Named ‘Texas Best Overnight Camp’ two years running, Safari Overnight Camp has been one of the most rewarding and dynamic summer camps in Texas. Our camp mission is simple: provide kids with the opportunities to learn important life lessons through adventure, teamwork and just pure fun! There simply isn’t a more rewarding Texas overnight camp experience. Just the chance to be away from parents, to do great things, and accomplish so much, gives kids a unique sense of confidence they take home with them. Safari provides one week overnight camp sessions for kids ages 8-12. Overnight camps for ages 13-16 yr. olds (Echo) and 17-18 yr olds (Apex) are also offered.

Registration for all Kidventure Summer 2017 camps is taking place now. To learn more about Kidventure, visit or call Kidventure at 713.960.8989.

The summer is a special time for kids to grow and learn about the world. Kidventure is proud to help make that possible and to be a part of your community.

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Mike McDonell,

President Kidventure

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