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Modern Day Medicine Cabinets

Modern Day Medicine Cabinets – What Every Mom Should Know

The heart of today’s active family, moms play a pivotal role as caretaker and decision maker.

Few will know her children better. From a satchel filled with a range of essential items (for toddler or teen), to medicine cabinets customized for optimal care, moms pride themselves on being perpetually prepared.

But today selecting the “right” medications and understanding possible interactions with medications prescribed for chronic conditions – asthma, diabetes, attention deficit disorder (ADD) – presents a challenge.

“I definitely believe that medicine cabinets today are stocked with more medications than, say, 50 years ago,” said Dr. Robbyn Traylor, family medicine physician and Next Level Urgent Care Medical Director.

“In another time people used medication differently.  There was less demand for immediate resolution of symptoms.  Today we live in a ‘microwave society’ of instant gratification. We can get it all …now.  Unfortunately, we’re not willing to wait out illness,” said Traylor.

Additionally, direct to consumer pharmaceutical marketing and product placement on shelves often suggests a higher level of safety than exist. It is important to understand when over the counter (OTC) medications would help or hinder and that OTCs can cause disruptive interactions and side-effects.

“Scientific evidence suggests that acute viral illness in the early years (one to two years of age) may help prevent cancer later in life.  My advice to young parents is to remain calm when a child is acutely ill.  Almost all of the time children are going to recover without any medical intervention,” added Traylor.

Rx for Dr. Mom

  • Tylenol and Ibuprofen are preferable to aspirin.
  • Follow age/weight dose recommendations.
  • Antibiotics should only be used when absolutely necessary and never as “preventative.”
  • Cough medicines should not be used in those under the age of six.
  • OTC medications should be physician-approved before adding to prescription medication.

Next Level Urgent Care serves moms at nine convenient locations, providing rapid and affordable access to healthcare and, most importantly, reassurance when symptoms become concerning. The clinics, open everyday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., offer a range of health services including care for acute pediatric illness and injury.

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