Out with the Old in with the New…

We all have our favorite restaurants.  We get familiar the menu, and the things we love about a restaurant.

But then the day you walk in and the menu is completely different, what do you do?  Panic, run, scream?   Take a time out and breath; it will all be ok.  I promise!

My family LOVES Soto’s Grill! We eat there probably 3-4 times a month.

We love Soto’s not only for the food, but we enjoy visiting with Pepe and Sergio (the owners).

I am sure most of you have figured out they have changed their menu and concept.  I will admit, when my husband first told me, I was shocked and asked all the questions, What? Why? When? Serious?

But then I found out the original menu will still be offered at the Dulles Location, and I can still get the beef fajitas.  So for those who love the beef fajitas, just breath, they are 5min down the road.

We went and tried the new menu.  I tried something new and LOVED it!

The prices are great and the choices are healthy, which I appreciate.   If you love pineapple, try the grilled pineapple! It is one of my favorites and was added to the menu after I requested it (benefit of knowing the owners).


The new concept is fast casual – meaning you walk up, order, pay, and then get your own drinks.  This concept is not new to the restaurant world; just new to Soto’s.

Honestly, I like it better!  We were in a hurry the day we went. We didn’t have to wait on a waiter to refresh our drinks or bring us the bill to pay.  We were in and out quickly, which I like when you have other places to be with busy schedules.

The menu is lighter but still has some favorites and always FRESH!

sotos menu

I am sure you are also wondering Why?  So I had the opportunity to talk to Pepe and Sergio and get the answers for you.

Q; How long has this location been opened?

A: 3 years

Q: What is your restaurant background?

A: We have been working in the restaurant industry for about 20 years combined. Started in high school, and then through college.   After gaining business experience through college and various other jobs, we helped to open Soto’s Cantina in Cypress, (top 100 best restaurants in Houston two years in a row). We then looked at Missouri City as a growing market and decided to open Soto’s Kitchen in Sienna. We then opened Soto’s kitchen on Dulles.

Q: Why did you change the concept?

A: We decided to change the concept in part to appeal to a larger demographic, we believe this concept  targets all segments of the population. Our focus target market is from the mom on the run who wants a break from cooking, the professional, the health-conscious, or anyone who wants to have a good meal in a relaxed atmosphere. With this concept we are able to provide a great meal with quicker service at a great value.

The second part was the size and layout of the location; we were limited by the amount of space to provide quality and fresh food.

We strive to promote an active lifestyle, and that is why we started the SRT (Soto’s Running Team), we believe this concept will allow us to expand it at a bigger scale and faster.  So after careful analysis of all those factors we landed on the new concept.

I hope you will give the new menu a try!   Now til November 30, 2016 mention “The Sienna Scoop” and receive Chips and Queso for FREE, and who doesn’t love chips and queso?

Lets continue to support our local businesses, after all they still have Beer, Wine and Rita’s!

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