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Curious about the new academy in town?

Somy Thomas and Ciji Thomas

Friends, Somy Thomas, and Ciji Thomas are the owners of Sharp Minds Academy. Their mission and goal is to start Early Childhood Development & Enrichment programs and to present high-quality curriculum classes.

Somy and Ciji’s main purpose of starting Sharp Minds is to provide excellence in Early Childhood Development, the personal love for special needs children, and the passion and strive to make a difference in children’s lives. This structured mainstream/special needs enrichment center is a needed resource for both neurotypical children and children with special learning differences because here they are not judged or ridiculed. At this academy, all children can feel comfortable and at ease.

Why Sharp Minds?

Great Question. We are a brand new top-notch educational center which focuses on innovative enrichment programs, expands critical thinking skills, and implement early childhood development. Our programs are preschool (Mainstream) and an after school program (children with special learning differences). Not only do we focus on an excellent preschool structured program, but our mission and goal for children is to turn their gears of learning from an early start.

Our preschool program challenges our students in a half-day program designed to ignite their imagination and sense of wonder with technology and fun activities! Our Pre-K staff is committed to understanding each child’s individual growth potential while also teaching them how to be part of a team.

Our afterschool program (children with special learning differences) concentrates on child-specific needs in a natural social environment. Our center carries different types of daily activities based on social and life skills for children with special learning differences. We assist children with homework and projects throughout the year. We also assist with specific areas of improvement based on parent feedback.

What inspired you to open a center for both General Ed Preschool & Afterschool Special Needs?

As owners, we wanted to give back to the community by changing and improving the various ways of teaching for all children. Mrs. Somy Thomas said, “I have a special needs sister and nephew. At an early age, I went through struggles, battles, hardships, and constant emotional roll coaster rides. Creating this center for special needs children looked like a dream, which now has become a reality.” At Sharp Minds, we believe all children can succeed. We thrive on different levels of creativity and innovation, highlight important critical thinking skills, and continuously challenge the children on various types of concepts.

Are you a daycare center?

No, we are not a daycare center. We are an academic center that focuses on structured classes throughout the day. Unlike other centers, Sharp Minds Academy mirrors the inclusion atmosphere, just like Fort Bend ISD. Other centers lack experienced staffing to handle children with special learning differences. However, Sharp Minds staff are experienced and have been exposed to children with special learning differences. We see many cases where children with special learning differences are turned down or withdrawn from other centers because of the lack of experienced special education teachers and aides. At other centers, children’s specific needs are not being met; student ratio is tremendous, and individual attention is scarce. At Sharp Minds, we take these factors and provide an atmosphere where our students receive prompt structured education so all needs can be met.

How is your Academy different than others?

Sharp Minds Academy is different from others for a few reasons. Sharp Minds curriculum is based on hands-on activities that enhance growth and excitement in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Arts & Math. These programs make room for each child’s educational improvement and growth to a successful future.

At Sharp Minds, we welcome therapists such as Occupational and Speech to the center to complete therapy sessions. We also provide services to children for OT & ST for parent’s convenience. We also have camps for children with special learning differences throughout the year when Fort Bend ISD is closed. We offer respite care nights twice a month for children with learning differences so parents can have a break. We hold special events for children, work with non-profit organizations for events that promote Fort Bend County, parent/child workshops, and competitions for children.

How can a parent learn more about your academy?

We encourage parents to schedule a tour of our facility by calling 832-242-2477.  They can also visit our website at


Sharp Minds Academy
7746 Hwy 6 Suite C-2,
Missouri city, TX 77459
281 778 0016 (Office)
832 242 2477 (Cell)
Hours of Operations: Monday – Friday 7 am to 7 pm

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