Cryotherapy Lands in Sienna Plantation

The whole body cryotherapy experience has officially landed, here, with the opening of Sienna Cryo.

Sienna Cryo became the city’s first establishment to offer whole body cryotherapy when the business opened its doors, March 26.

 “We are super excited to bring cryotherapy to our community,” said first-time business owner Meco Choates.

Sienna Cryo will provide whole body cryotherapy, compression therapy and Celluma services to its clients to assist their efforts at improving their recovery whether from tough workouts or just recovering from a long day.

It was after using cryotherapy that the Choates decided to bring the service to Missouri City.

“Athletes have been using whole body cryotherapy to reduce the inflammation in their bodies from their frequent workouts,” Choates said. “I became a cryotherapy client and realized the benefits immediately. The endorphin rush I experienced allowed me to recover from my gym workouts sooner than the days when I don’t use it.”

Compression therapy is another modality frequently used in the athletic community. A 2017 edition of Runner’s World featured a popular recovery system, touting its ability to speed recovery after tough workouts.

“Sienna Cryo will offer NormaTec Pulse Leg Recovery System and the Air Relax system to our clients,” Choates said. “We found value in both systems and wanted to offer our clients their choice.”

The third service, Celluma is a low-level light therapy delivered through light emitting diode (LED) devices. This technology, originally developed by NASA, is FDA approved for the following indications: treatment of acne, muscle and joint pain, muscle and joint stiffness, muscle spasm, arthritis and compromised local blood circulation.

According to the FDA, participants in a clinical study saw a reduction in facial wrinkles 12 weeks after a four-week treatment period was completed.

“In researching the type of technology that we wanted to bring to Sienna Cryo, we found that Celluma offered multiple benefits,” Choates said.

Sienna Cryo business owners Meco and Yolanda Choates are both retired military service members and Sienna Plantation residents. The couple has a deep appreciation for those seeking to maintain a healthy active life style and are interested in providing Missouri City residents with a service not currently available within the city’s limits.


Sienna Cryo

4340 Sienna Parkway

Missouri City, TX 77459

Email: siennacryo@yahoo.com


Phone: (281) 915-5945

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