Sienna Rent-a- Hero

Sienna Rent-a- Hero is a new small business in Sienna Plantation started by a group of friends who are enthusiastic about entertaining their children.

The idea was born when founders Heather Bluejacket and Christie Lawler were hanging out one evening talking about how awesome Christie’s recent annual birthday bash for her kids had been. And it was all due to one small planning aspect… the “Superhero Surprise.” sienna rent a hero

The local moms decided that it would be a fun way to fundraise for their volleyball group’s adventures if they started renting themselves and their friends out to entertain in costume at parties.

Christie and her husband host an annual house party for their sons’ summer birthdays referred to as Lawlerpalooza. They invite every kid on every sports team and classroom as well as family friends, which usually equals about 50-70 kids showing up with their parents in tow.

In 2015, the boys were turning one and three and the Lawlers really wanted to make that year’s Lawlerpalooza extra special. They found a “Mickey Mouse” for hire and for a small investment of $350, the character showed up for 45-minutes and took pictures, but didn’t really engage with the young guests.

The following year, the Lawlers decided to take the character actors into their own hands with the help of friends and hosted a “Superhero Surprise” with Batman, Green Lantern and Spider-Man doing a meet and greet with photos and autographs for all kids. It was a smashing success.

In 2017, the Lawlers decided it would be really cool if The Incredible Hulk showed up to the party. Luckily, one particularly large and muscular friend was willing to paint himself green and roar for the kids. This snowballed into every member of their tribe of friends investing in full character costumes and converting the master bedroom into a superhero dressing room.

As the heroes waited outside, all kids were brought downstairs. The excited little guests waited in the entry hall, foyer, living room, kitchen, dining nook and filled the stairway. As the door was opened to 10 Superheroes led by a roaring Hulk, the gracious volunteers entered the rooms full of screaming, joyous

Selfies were taken, hugs and handshakes everywhere and autographs made available, the eyes filled with wonder and colossal smiles were the best part of the day.

sienna rent a hero

So that day became the genesis of the Sienna Rent-a- Hero concept.

Current characters available are:

Hulk, Spider-Man, Batman, Green Lantern, Black Panther, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Flash Girl, Super Girl, Ms. Marvel and Harley Quinn.

The group is also willing to add special request characters as needed.

Instead of spending a ton of money for a small experience, why not invest in a bigger, better experience from your neighbors at a smaller price?

Christie Lawler
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