It’s not all about the honey, Honey!

When I was 8yrs old I was fascinated with bees. I loved to catch bees observe them and then release them on their way. Sweetness Beetique

I would get stung a couple times a week and eventually my mom gave up trying to warn me.

The importance of bees and what they do for our ecosystem really touched my heart! I knew I would always have this interest and love for them!

Fast forward years later after many different adventures, I sat up in bed and told my husband,

“You know what I really want to do? Raise bees and harvest honey.

Be a beekeeper!”

He thought I was crazy! And that was just the beginning.

I began reading lots of beekeeping books, researching the bees online.

I joined the Fort Bend County Beekeepers Association as well as the Harris County Beekeepers Association and The Texas Beekeepers Association.

There I met a very seasoned 30+ years beekeeper and forced him to become my mentor and teach me everything he knows!

He and I are still great friends! I quickly learned everything from assembling beehives, to catching wild swarms, harvesting honey, rendering beeswax, making candles and lip balm, to raising awareness for the crisis our bees are now facing. I love every aspect of being a beekeeper!

Unfortunately, our bees are dying off at alarming rates!

My vision and goal for SweetNes Honey Beetique is to have our own apiary/bee sanctuary in the near future!

There we can give the bees a chance at survival and to have group tours and to educate our youth as well as adults the importance of bees and how we truly need them for our own survival! And what actions we can take to help save the bees!

We moved to Sienna Plantation in 2010 to grow our family. We loved all the amenities Sienna Plantation has to offer! Good schools, sports, activities, pools, parks and trails! You name it! It’s a fantastic community to live in and raise a family.

We really wanted to do something that gives back and brings the community together!

We discussed our ideas, formed a plan and Sienna gave us the greenlight to organize a farmer’s market!

The Sienna Community Farmers Market was born!

We are so grateful for all the vendors that provide fresh, local, all natural items for our community and all the support we have received from the community!

We look forward to watching this market take off and grow into a well-known tradition here in Sienna Plantation!


Kind Regards,

Danessa Yaschuk

Creator/Owner/Beekeeper of SweetNes Honey Beetique

Find us at www.sweetneshoney.com

Sweetness Beetque

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