The Chore that Keeps on Giving – LAUNDRY

I know what you’re thinking, “Why would anyone want to read an article about laundry?”

Well….because no one likes or wants to do laundry, but you know you want to read how others tackle this boring chore with the hopes you will get an idea or two, or a good laugh because you can relate.  So let’s continue.

Laundry, the one chore that just keeps on giving.  It NEVER stops as it piles up daily, especially in a house with kids.

I remember when my oldest child was a baby – I would sit on the floor and separate all her clothes by color and then by hot or cold and then wash each pile, fold and then put up – repeat every few days.  Then the 2nd child came and I started that way and then quickly said: “Screw it!  I don’t have time for this!”

Currently, in our house, Laundry Day is every dang day. I don’t have a set schedule like towels on Monday, sheets on Tuesday, etc. (although I would love to be that organized, but I would probably only disappoint myself).

We are a family of 4, and we all help with laundry – and ladies I DO NOT do my husband’s laundry – he is a grown ass man. We both work, so we equally help with this forever giving chore. I would say probably the only thing we combine are the jeans. Otherwise, I wash my clothes, hubby washes his, kids separate, and we wash theirs by his and hers.  Also, my daughter does help out and started doing her laundry when she was 10 years old, she is responsible for making sure her gymnastics leotards are cleaned for the week.

I honestly don’t mind the sorting and washing process; it’s the dreaded AFTER it’s washed and dried that I dislike.  I absolutely despise the folding part of laundry.  All the clean clothes just get tossed into baskets, although it is organized by mom’s basket, dad’s basket and one for each child with the intention the clothes will get folded and put away.  However, this almost NEVER happens – I know I am not the only one who does this, right?

I am clearly not an expert at laundry, but here are a few tips that I have found helps:

  1. Have a dedicated basket for each person to place their dirtly clothes in and one for towels/sheets. This will save some time on sorting.
  2. If your washer has Delay Start use it.  We will often place clothes in at night and set to start at 5am – by the time we wake up it is ready to go in the dryer.
  3. Teach the kids how to do laundry and have them fold and put up their own depending on age.
  4. Hire someone to do this chore for you! (We have not done this, but sounds amazing.)

The other day the laundry topic came up on a mom’s Facebook group, which inspired me to write this article.

I asked other moms in the group – How do you handle this never-ending chore?

Melissa M. says:I only do my laundry. My husband does the rest. However, the kids fold all of their clothes and put them away.”

Erin M. says:I do my laundry and the kids, my husband does his own. I only do it once and week and will do a load here and there during the week, if needed. I wash my clothes separate from the kids because … they just have a different funk.  I’ll start a load Friday night, and am usually done by Saturday afternoon. I take the time I’m folding to catch up on my DVRd shows from the week. And make the kids put their own clothes away.”

Marissa M. says:I always load up a load of laundry before I go to bed and then set it to delayed cycle so it finishes when I wake up so first thing I do is throw it in the dryer.”

Jaime S. says:We are a family of 6. I do a person a day. That keeps the massive loads manageable and kids can put it away. My older ones know to sort into the appropriate piles and they even load and run it. I will hang what needs to be hung. I will wash the sports clothes more frequent because let’s face it, that stuff has an octane level of severe potent!”

Kara F. says:My husband does the laundry! It is his man duty. It is great!”

Heather G. says:I’ve found that folding the laundry right out of the dryer and then immediately putting it away vs. putting it in the basket to fold … never… has been a huge help in tackling laundry mountain! Also trying to do a load a day, morning/night (whatever works), really eases the overall burden and lessens the desire to run for the hills when you see what needs to be done!”

Natalie K. says:We are a family of 5 and I do laundry Wednesday and Sunday and that’s it. I was so tired of doing it daily. I commit to those 2 days…wash dry and put away. We just keep all the dirty laundry either in the washer or the hamper in the laundry room waiting for those days.”

Christy G. says:Family of 5 – 1x week”

Renata D. says:We are a family of 4. I do all the laundry on Friday night while watching TV. One load for the kids and one load for me and my husband. Wash, dry, fold and put it away. Social shirts and trousers, we have a pickup service from Sienna Cleaners every Monday. So far it has been manageable.”

Kara C. says:We are a family of 4 with 2 littles (ages 2 and 4). My husband does wash/dry and I fold/put away. We only do laundry on weekends- he usually starts the first load in the washer Friday evening. When clothes come out of the dryer they go in our master bedroom for fold/put away so they are not mixed up with the dirty.

What I found that is easiest is since my girls are still young and their bedrooms upstairs, I keep their clothes downstairs in my closet. They take a bath in the master bathroom and this is when I do all folding/put away as it gives me a chance to watch them and also feel productive. It works so well for littles who like to play in the bath for 30+ minutes some day and I don’t trust them alone yet but don’t want to just sit there watching them!”

Melissa B. says:I try to spread the love through the week. I set a schedule and usually do my husbands and my laundry one day, the kids another day, and bedding another day. Setting a schedule works great for us.”

Eunice S. says:I try to stay organized through out the week – and do smaller loads 2/3 times a week; rather than letting it stock up to try and do it it all in one day!”

Carla M. says:Don’t have a really good answer… but my 11 year old started doing her own about 6 months ago and it really seems to help!!”

How do you handle this never-ending chore?



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