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Ready, Set, Spring! Tips to Get Motivated for Spring Cleaning

Y’all, I cannot believe it’s April already!

Spring is the time of year where everyone starts getting excited about summer and then realizes the amount of prep work that needs to be done. The to-do list seems never-ending and can be quite overwhelming at times. Here’s what we suggest – Pick the top 3 most important things and tackle them one at a time. A great motivator is to think about how you will feel once these tasks are checked off your list – Less overwhelmed? Liberated? Relieved? Lighter? Happier? The list goes on and on!

In our experience with helping clients declutter and organize their homes, we’ve found the most popular areas to tackle this time of year are the garage, laundry room, and the kitchen. These spaces are often used year-round but seem to get out of control during the summer due to increased traffic. More traffic means you need systems! Systems that you can rely on and that can easily be kept up with.

Creating systems is exactly what a lot of our clients struggle with. However, most people know they need a system but aren’t sure where to start. An easy way to get started is to ask yourself, “What is the purpose of this space?” Sometimes we don’t stop to think about how the space in our home can serve us.

Let’s brainstorm a little, ask yourself these questions…

  • Garage – Is the primary purpose of my garage to park my car in it or to store household items and sports supplies?
  • Laundry – I know that my laundry room is meant to wash clothes; but what other ways can this room serve my family?  Am I utilizing the vertical space in my laundry room? What about the back of the door?  (We love this Elfa over the door rack from TCS).
  • Kitchen – Does my kitchen serve its purpose for my family or does its functionality need some love?  Will I have more guests in the summertime that will require more meal prep and cooking? Maybe you will have kids at your house more often, so you need better access to snacks, serving trays, paper goods, etc. Sometimes a quick rearranging in the kitchen can do wonders for functionality!

The systems you create will depend a lot on how you answered the questions above – and especially on what you decide is each room’s primary purpose.

Another tip: Don’t feel tied to using a space for only it’s “intended” purpose.  More times than not, we turn wasted space into a functional haven for a family that couldn’t see past the “intended” use. Just because it’s called a laundry room, doesn’t mean you can’t make it work for other things, too!  Be creative and think about what will work for your family. The hardest part is getting started!

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Happy Spring!

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