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What is Physical Therapy really?

As a Doctor of Physical Therapist, I have neighbors, friends, and even family members who inquire to me about what Physical Therapy really consists of and what it is that I do for a living. In short, I tell them that I help people move better with less pain and limitations so they can enjoy activities to live a better quality of life. Not really short, sometimes I say that I am Superman and see how they respond. Okay, so I don’t save lives like Superman, but I do help to make a difference in the lives that I serve.

Physical Therapy is very broad, and all Physical Therapy is NOT the same. Even if you have been to different physical therapy clinics and they all seem the same to you trust me, it is broad. It all depends on the specialty of Physical Therapy that a person goes to based on their needs.

For instance, someone may go to Physical Therapist that focuses on individuals with a concussion or individuals who had a stroke. The most common that is known about Physical Therapy is usually before and/or after back, hip or knee surgery.

Did you know that Physical Therapists can solely work with Ballet Dancers? I have a colleague that works with professional dancers to both prevent and treat injuries.

As a Board-Certified Sports Physical Therapist, my team at (REPS) and I have a unique focus on Sports Performance, Sports Specific Physical Therapy, and Recovery Therapy services for various levels and ages of athletes, weekend warriors, cross-fitters and fitness enthusiasts.

Some of my patients and clients say what we do for them is transformative and lifesaving. (That’s where the Superman comment comes from).  I can’t share the names or specifics of my clients or patients unless they give consent. But I have been able to help one individual with transitioning back into running after a serious back injury that led to more pain as that individual gained weight due to lack of activity due to the increased pain. It’s common to see one issue that affects another, which affects another issue and so on.

For example, do you know a family member that takes medication for one thing, then takes another medication to control the side effects caused by the initial medication? Medications do have their purpose when managed well. I have seasonal allergies, as I am sure most Houstonians can relate to knowing something about. So, I am thankful for my antihistamines.

My team and I at (REPS) focus on the root of the issues, and then we work towards improving that, which is seen in improvements in other areas of our clients’ and patients’ performance and abilities. I don’t see that as being Superman, but I do see that as making a difference in the lives of those that my team and I serve.

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